Human Resource Management System

Hyperman is the intuitive, user friendly, multi-lingual, and web based application. Depending on the type of installation, users can access Hyperman from any devices (PC, laptop, MAC, tablet device) and from anywhere (in the organization premises or from the public internet) using a simple web browser like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and etc…

Online Self-service

You can see the summary and links screen via dashboard at the time you log-in the system.

  • Self-service links for employees to view or make information changes or request for approval i.e. update profile, view work schedule, request leave, resign form, OT Claim Form and More. 
  • My Pending Approval: This is the list of request that is pending for your approval. It could be the annual leave that your subordinates requested and you have not approved it. From this dashboard, you can take action accordingly.
  • My Pending Request: This is all your pending requests that you have submitted and awaiting for your supervisor or manager to approve. 
  • Events: Your organization wide event that is going to happen.
  • New comers list: List of new employees that just join your organization.
  • Employee birthday list: Good to know who will be having birthday today and the new upcoming days? HR admin can prepare for the event.
  • Who’s on Leave today: the list of who take annual leave today.
  • Approved Leave: the list of who will be taking annual leave in the future as those leaves have been approved.
  • My Tasks: Any tasks that are assigned to you or the one you create yourself and set the reminder.
  • Job Vacancies: List of available/opened vacancies in your organization.
  • Messages: send and receive message.


Allows the administrator to define the available job titles (positions) with Job Requirements, Description and Responsibility, and post the job announcement. List of available job vacancies can be opened by anyone via dashboard and public website via webservice. Job Requisition can also be requested by employee and get approval by head of department (flexible based on workflow setup) or can be directly entered by HR admin. Applicant can register and apply the job online.


Manage all the employee work-related information (employee account) like employee ID, email, reporting line, date of hiring, work unit, salary information, leave quotas, work schedule, etc… It handles all the work flows since employee hiring, job move and promotion, insurance offer, employee loan, record misconduct activities, to employee termination (resigned or terminated).

Leave and Attendance

Records the leave and attendance information for all employees. This module also records time in and time out of each employee (via fingerprint device and import those data into the central database), and make the comprehensive processing and generate reporting of time attendance analysis. This is important for Human Resource department to manage the employee discipline as well as the verification of employee overtime records. Leave entry can be made by HR Admin or requested by employee to take leave (day off) and manager to approve his/her leave request. 


Performance management systems are highly-effective, closed-loop systems that drive consistent, persistent, high-quality outcomes through a human resources effort that feeds and drives a predictable stream of operational, strategic, tactical and financial success stories. Performance management systems create clarity and alignment to organizational expectations for performance enhanced by coaching and development programs designed to reward positive behaviours and discourage behaviours that delay or prevent attainment of commonly-defined, agreed-upon goals, expectations, and mission objectives. Hyperman controls the setup of Key Performance Indicator (KPI), dynamic performance review templates, review scoring calculation, and review records. Review record entry can be made by HR Admin (offline) and Online review invitation.

Compensation (payroll)

A complete payroll module which is working hand by hand with employee module. It also allows employee to raise the overtime claim request and the manager to approve the request (ESS or data entry by HR Admin), HR Admin to register pay queue, and then the processing of payroll records can be done on the regular basis (upon pay period) by payroll administrator.

Security - User and Role Management

Hyperman security concept is very simple and straight forward but comprehensive to fully manage users or group of users accesses to the system. Audit logs will also be recorded.


View a variety of ready reports quickly

Public Events 

Public upcoming events can be created to share information to all users in the portal.

English and Khmer

Switch between English and Khmer can be made easily. Other languages can be added.

Internal Messaging

Write, read and forward the messages to other users easily and fast and enhance the communication between all the stakeholders. 

Activity Logging 

Keep track of everything happening in the Hyperman system. All user activities are tracked with date and time. 


With Documents module, users can easily download the files from the server upon document permission settings.


Need more things? It can be tailored-made for you


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