School Management System

Hyperman is the intuitive, user friendly, multi-lingual, and web based application. Depending on the type of installation, users can access Hyperman from any devices (PC, laptop, MAC, tablet device) and from anywhere (in the organization premises or from the public internet) using a simple web browser like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and etc…

Course and Academic Management

Hyperman has a powerful course management system where multiple courses with subject curiculums can be managed effectively with flexible policy and levels


A flexible Fee management system to Create, monitor and manage paid and payable fees.


Make your admission process more speedy and efficient by taking it online. Future student can submit enrollment application online. Admission admin can approve the application online 

Class Management

Create class following the levels defined in course curiculum from term to term with fee options.


Create exam records and track mark sheets from the first term to graduated.


The comprehensive timetable Feature in Hyperman, allows generating, maintaining and monitoring timetables, teachers, and room availability with speed and ease.


Record and monitor teacher and student attendance records based on timetable


Make information easily available online for students, parents and staff.

Security - User and Role Management

Hyperman security concept is very simple and straight forward but comprehensive to fully manage users or group of users accesses to the system. Audit logs will also be recorded.


View a variety of ready reports quickly

Public Events 

Public upcoming events can be created to share information to all users in the portal.

English and Khmer

Switch between English and Khmer can be made easily. Other languages can be added.

Internal Messaging

Write, read and forward the messages to other users easily and fast and enhance the communication between all the stakeholders. 

Activity Logging 

Keep track of everything happening in the Hyperman system. All user activities are tracked with date and time. 


With Documents module, users can easily download the files from the server upon document permission settings.


Need more things? It can be tailored-made for you

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